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Using Graphic Design To Grow Your Business During Covid 19

Designers, by our very nature, are creative problem solvers. We seek creative solutions to answer even the most complex of briefs. So, it seems only natural that design has a big role to play in helping to tackle the current Coronavirus crisis. Which makes Graphic Design a key tool to utilise for your business during this time.

So how can you utilise graphic design for your business? See below…


Revamp Your Branding
Refresh and revamp your brand, people are acceptingchange now more than ever.

Have you wanted to revamp your branding and give your brand a make over? Now is the perfect time to do it! You can make the transition with ease and birth new energy and new life into your brand. People are going to accept this change now more than ever. You can do this by freshening up your logo, changing your brand colours, updating your fonts or even just updating your business cards. The fresher, the newer the brand the more success you will have.


Online Marketing
It’s time to utilise your business onlinenow more than ever.
Whether you are an entrepreneur, own a business, have a physical retail shop or health coach, now is your time to put all of your energy into marketing. Utilising free marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are great ideas. You can use graphic design to create marketing campaigns for a product, a sale, a webinar or to sign up for events. Investing in online marketing and online ads is a smart thing to do. Now more than ever your clients, the people you serve are at home online, searching the web. Use this time to catch their attention and grow your business.


Revamp Your Website
Use this time to clean out and updateyour website or create a new one.
Right now is the right time to update your website and finally make updates and changes that you have wanted to do for awhile. You may have been putting off making these updates, but now is a key time to revamp your site. This is going to drive in traffic. You can use our services at Sunstone Studio to help you with executing design ideas and web functionality to help boost your online business.


Create Merchandise
Offer more for your customers andget some extra income.
Creating products can create passive income for you and your business. You can even create an Etsy shop to get orders rolling in. You can us to come up with a graphic tee, a tote bag design or even design a mask. New merchandise is a great way to let your customers support you in other ways and it can let them know you need their support. If you have long term clients we are sure they will support you.


Email Marketing
Connect with your audience on a deeperlevel straight into their inbox
Email marketing is so powerful right now. Use this online space to create a deeper story for your business and brand. Use it to create a community around your business and connect with your audience in a deeper way. You can do this by using this space as a blog and as a tool to sell and market yourself and your products. You can hire us at Sunstone Studio to update your email design to get the results you’re after.

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